Body Shaping

V-Form by Viora is an advanced non-invasive body shaping and contouring service using radio-frequency energy and vacuum therapy to stimulate collagen production, improve skin elasticity, promote fat cell reduction, and accentuate natural body contours.

Each V-Form session typically lasts 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and severity of the treatment area. An electromagnetic handheld device emits radio frequency energy while vacuum suction gently pulls upwards on the skin. This combination heats the underlying tissues while stimulating natural healing responses, producing new collagen and elastin proteins responsible for firmness and elasticity in skin tissue.

V-Form therapy sessions vary depending on an individual’s goals and treatment area. Sessions should typically occur once per week for six to eight weeks to allow your body to react and recover between treatments.

V-Form treatments can produce notable improvements. Stimulated collagen and elastin production results in tighter, firmer skin, while helping reduce cellulite appearance as well as loose, sagging skin. Furthermore, heat generated from radio frequency energy reduces fat cell sizes leading to the potential reduction of body circumference within treated areas.

Results will depend upon various factors, including age, skin type, lifestyle, and the exact area being treated. Some individuals may see immediate improvements after just one treatment session while others may require multiple sessions before seeing desired outcomes.

V-Form device treatment offers a comfortable and painless experience for many patients. Many even compare it to receiving a warm massage. Side effects tend to be minimal and temporary, including possible redness and warmth at the site treated.

V-Form treatments may significantly boost body contouring and skin tightening. However, they should also be combined with healthy eating practices and regular physical activity.

It is advised to seek professional guidance prior to initiating any new treatment plan. Always speak to your healthcare provider about individual requirements or expectations and discuss treatment regimens.


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