Fat Reduction

Welcome to A New You, an innovative med spa offering advanced fat-reduction services to men and women alike. By employing cutting-edge devices such as Evolve InMode and Erchonia Zerona, we help patients shape their bodies to their aesthetic requests and reach their aesthetic goals.

The Evolve InMode device was specifically created to target fat and skin tissue effectively. By administering radio frequency energy to these areas, this device can remodel them for a sculpted and toned appearance.

Erchonia Zerona offers another innovative tool for fat reduction: using low-level noninvasive lasers to disrupt fat cell membranes and release their contents. The body then naturally processes these fat cells for disposal, resulting in visible reduction of circumference of treated areas.

At A New You, we understand each individual has unique body needs and aspirations. That’s why our expert team works closely with every client to design a specialized fat reduction plan based on their goals and their individual circumstances.

Making A New You part of your fat reduction journey using Evolve InMode or Erchonia Zerona devices brings many advantages:

Non-Invasive Procedures: Both Evolve InMode and Erchonia Zerona are noninvasive procedures that will allow you to resume daily activities immediately following each treatment session with minimum disruption to your routine.

Safety and Comfort: Your well-being and comfort is of utmost importance to us, which is why both devices feature real-time temperature monitoring as well as patient call buttons ensuring a controlled yet comfortable experience.

Visible Results: Within several sessions, you should begin seeing noticeable fat reduction in targeted areas, becoming even more apparent as treatments progress and reveal a slimmer you.

At A New You, our aim is not to alter who you are but instead enhance and achieve your body goals through fat reduction services such as Evolve InMode and Erchonia Zerona devices. These fat reduction services may help increase confidence levels as you discover a different version of yourself.

Start your fat reduction journey today with A New You and let our experienced consultants meet your aesthetic aspirations by creating an atmosphere of personal confidence and contentment!


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