Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser teeth whitening has quickly become one of the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedures, a fast and efficient way to brighten smiles. If coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco have discolored your smile’s whiteness over time, this treatment could restore their original radiance.

Our procedure uses a concentrated whitening gel activated by a dental laser. This process utilizes a protective barrier between gums and teeth as they come in contact with the whitening agent. Then we apply gel directly onto your teeth using laser activation. This penetrates the tooth enamel and breaks up discolorations.

Sessions usually last an hour and are convenient for busy schedules. However, treatment time may differ slightly based on the severity of discoloration and desired shade of whiteness.

The number of sessions necessary largely depends on both the current state of your teeth and desired level of whitening. Our powerful combination of laser light and whitening gel often produces significant results in just one visit. Additional visits may be advised for individuals suffering from extreme staining or those seeking an exceptionally bright shade of whiteness.

Many individuals see immediate improvements from treatment. Teeth are typically several shades whiter after just one session. Some individuals even report improvements of up to eight shades! Please consult your dentist prior to treatment in order to set realistic expectations about what can be achieved.

Laser teeth whitening can produce impressive results. However, your teeth will stain again if you continue to consume stain-causing substances. Regular touch-up sessions, good oral hygiene practices, and cutting back on stain-causing food and beverages will all help preserve your sparkling smile.


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